Texture Coating

If you find plain walls boring, and want to give your home a nice makeover, texture coating is a great solution. Textured walls add character and definition to the space. At Classic Deco, we specialise in creating different textures through expert use of texture coating techniques.

What is texture coating?

Texture coating is a wall treatment prepared using pigments, paint and cement mixture. This mixture is used to give walls a nice texture to make it look more interesting and beautiful than plain walls.

Texture coating can be used to create unique patterns on the walls. The technique can be used extensively in both residential and commercial spaces, and to interior as well as exterior walls. Products used for texture coating are thicker than regular paints. The coating is around 2 mm thick, on an average, and this thickness helps hide the minor imperfections in the wall. At Classic Deco, we work with both readymade products and custom texture mixes depending on the required finish.

Benefits of texture coating:

  • Unique visual appeal
  • Enhanced protection for walls
  • Camouflaging minor faults in the walls
  • Long lasting wall treatment
  • Money saving in the long run

Why Classic Deco?

At Classic Deco, we create beautiful walls using texture coating techniques, such as trowel finish, sponge finish, brush finish and spray finish. Paint coated walls and dry walls can be treated with texture coating.

Texture coating is a very delicate process and requires a lot of precision. Inappropriate techniques will leave your walls looking shabby and unattractive. Furthermore, it is important to use high quality materials; low quality products tend to crack. The expert painters at Classic Deco are trained in applying texture mixtures with precision. Our team creates textured walls that make you go “wow”.

The highlights of our service:

  • Expert application and flawless workmanship
  • Use of high quality materials that last long
  • Guarantee on the job
  • One project manager for quality control and to ensure adherence to schedule
  • Professional, punctual and friendly customer service

Whatever your requirement, we are equipped to handle the task and deliver outstanding results.

Contact us for beautiful and unique texture coated walls for your home or office. Call 0413 053 785 for a free consultation.

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