Plaster Repairs and Sheeting

Are unsightly patches and damaged walls ruining the visual appeal of your home? Classic Deco can repair the damage to give a nice makeover to your space. With effective plaster repair and sheeting techniques, we reinstate the good appearance of the building and ensure its longevity as well.

Over the years, we have handled a wide range of repairs and sheeting works. As an experienced plaster repairs Canberra we have the expertise to handle plaster repairs efficiently and meticulously.

Plaster repairs and sheeting

Plaster walls can sometimes become weak and thin. When the walls are renovated to remove archways and replace timber panelling, or when they are damaged due to accidents, they become weak and damaged. When damaged, these walls look unkempt and look shabby affecting the visual appeal of your space.

The simplest way of overcoming this issue is to get the wall repaired and sheeted. There are several benefits of plaster repairs:

  • Instant look makeover for the entire space
  • Affordable
  • Get more usable space on the wall
  • Increases strength and durability of the wall

Why choose Classic Deco?

Our team of plasterers Canberra is trained to handle repairs for all types of damaged walls. We first analyse the condition of the wall. Based on the analysis, we come up with a repair strategy that ensures perfection and completion of the job within budget and stipulated time. At Classic Deco, you receive complete patch and paint service.

At Classic Deco plastering Canberra service, our priority is to ensure that the repair work blends in with the rest of the wall completely, leaving no traces of the damage. We also match the colour and texture of the wall for a flawless finish. We make sure that the patch is completely hidden and that your walls look as good as new.

Highlights of our plaster sheeting Canberra service:

  • Flawless workmanship
  • Work completed on time and within budget
  • Complete quality control
  • A dedicated project manager to oversee completion
  • Friendly, prompt and efficient service

Contact Class Deco today for a flawless plaster repair job. Call 0413 053 785 for a free quote.

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